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  1. Dr. Mandy Armitage

    Prior to transitioning to nonclinical work, Mandy Armitage, MD practiced musculoskeletal medicine as a PM&R physician trained in sports medicine.  She moved into her career as a freelance medical writer by exploring her interest and skills in medical writing and realizing this was the best career for her.  ...


  2. Dr. Jill Wener

    Jill Wener, MD is an internist who practiced medicine for 10+ years before taking a nontraditional route to become a Conscious Health (also known as Vedic) Meditation instructor and tapping practitioner. Hear more about why she was initially skeptical of spiritual practices and her journey into a nontraditional ...


  3. Dr. Carl Gold

    Carl Gold, MD is an anesthesiologist who went through a rough patch in his life before finding and getting into his nonclinical career.  Hear his story and learn about copywriting in this podcast.  This is a career you can do as a physician without a license or board ...


  4. Dr. Katie Herzog

    Katie Herzog, MD is a PM&R and pain medicine physician who started doing disability reviews about 6 years ago.  She learned there is a process to it to make it easier and more efficient so she's created a 12 module online course (with her partner, John Levesque) to ...


  5. Dr. Armin Feldman

    Armin Feldman, MD is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who started consulting with attorneys on cases after he sold his patient rehab clinics.  He acts as a medical consultant primarily now and has made it his primary work - along with teaching other doctors how to do it.  This ...